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Val di Fassa Christmas markets and shopping

Discover the Val di Fassa: traditional markets, shopping, local food and handicrafts.

An attitude of deep respect is the Val di Fassa distinguishing feature, which can also be easily found in the shopping commercial offer of this incredible Land. Class and constraint are words well fitting the local products and shops that you will find from Moena to Canazei.

A short walk in the streets of the tiny Val di Fassa villages will bring you in a folkloristic tour of the valley, with its shops offering local handicrafts or local delicacies in terms of food and wine. From cheeses to wines, you will bring back home a tasty souvenir of the Dolomites.

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But it is well-known the Val di Fassa is not only about local food and win or tradition. Shops and boutiques are perfect for some shopping, either you're looking for your Christmas present or for the top international brands.

Furthermore, the most famous Christmas Markets and Craft Fair, the best chance to enjoy the charming atmosphere of Christmas. Families with children, young couples, group of friends: everyone love Christmas markets for the magic they spell.

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The Ski Club Hotel Regina e Fassa lies in Mazzin, right in the midst of Val di Fassa. Just a short walk away form Pozza and Campitello, and a few Km from the most mafous Canazei, the hotel is ideally located for a shopping tour among the most engaging boutiques. And, if you feel like, our non-skiers club is at your disposal to find out what's best and new in Val di Fassa.


Tradition and Elegance: Val di Fassa Shopping! 

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