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Ski Club Hotel Val di Fassa

Events and unique entertainments: Welcome to the Regina e Fassa Show!!

The Club Hotel Regina e Fassa has, among his chief assets, being the only village-based hotel in the Val di Fassa, as it proposes daily shows from a cheering and smiling entertainment crew.

During your stay you will feel like in a touristic village or a resort on the sea, but surrounded by the breathtaking and enchanting view of the Dolomites Alps.

After a day of skiing on the Dolomites or a few hours spent in the nearby villages, in the evening you will enjoy stand-up comedies, live music and performances, all of which very funny and not ordinary. And, while mum and dad will have fun throughout the shows, their children will be attended by qualified and skilled staff who will entertain them with many toys and group games.

Come and find out what the Club Hotel Regina e Fassa has in store for you, and the hot news for you!!

Hotel con animazione val di fassa

Our entertainment crew is willing to extend you our warmest welcome!

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Must-see and must-do: Val di Fassa Shows, Events and Folk

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